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Deer Fence

If wildlife is getting into your yard and nibbling away at your garden or fruit trees, it’s probably time to install deer fencing. Deer can easily jump over a standard four-foot fence and some can clears heights of almost eight feet, so even a privacy fence may not be option for keeping deer out. Also, if you live in an area with deer you probably want to be able to look out on your land and not have the view cut off by fencing.

Weather resistant polypropylene mesh fencing is the most popular choice for keeping your view while keeping out deer. Deer fencing is almost invisible and even less expensive than chain link and can be custom ordered to fit your needs.

Dog Fence

For those who don’t want the height of a privacy fence, but still need a containment option for their pets, shorter fences are available. Dog fences offer pets freedom to play safely within the boundaries of their yard. Fences prevent pets from wandering away from the home and getting lost or worse, struck by traffic, and it also protects pets from non-domesticated animals from entering the yard. This style of fencing is more humane than electric fencing options.
Picket style fences, chain-link fencing, or post fences with wire screening are popular options for dog containment.

Farm Fencing

There are multiple styles popular for use in farm fencing: board fences and different styles of wire or cable fencing. Most of these fences are used to keep live stock in, so they function in two basic ways: physical and psychological.

Board fences, typically used as border fences have posts of eight to ten feet apart and usually stand four to five feet. The strength of oak boards is recommended to stand up to animal pressure and nibbling while pressure treated posts are recommended because of their resistance to rot which is important with ground contact. Metal, powered gates are recommended for convenience and easily installed with this style of fencing.

Barbed wire, woven wire, high tensile wire, and cable fences are also used regularly in farm fencing to contain animals.

Barbed wire’s success as an inexpensive farm fencing material is due to its strength as a physical barrier combined with its pointed barbs that serve as a good psychological barrier. The wire stands up to an animal’s first few encounters, which prove sufficiently uncomfortable so the animal learns to avoid the fence! Low-tensile (mild) steel barbed wire is easy to install, although care must be taken to keep from getting cut. Barbed wire is also available as a high-tensile product.

Low-tensile (conventional) steel wire with a low carbon content is still used to construct most wire fences. This material bends and stretches easily, but is relatively inelastic — so if it stretches, it doesn’t contract back to its original state. These characteristics mean that it’s easy to work with, but also subject to sagging and breakage. Conventional wire requires more line posts spaced closer together for support than high-tensile wire.

High-tensile wire is more difficult to work with, but fences made of it stay tighter longer because the wire is stronger and more elastic.

Choose smooth wire for your farm fencing project if you want to control livestock with minimal chance of injury. Because you must design this fence to serve as a physical barrier, you should only use high-tensile wire, which is relatively easier to install than barbed wire. Most experts recommend electrifying one or more strands to make smooth wire fence more effective.

Chain-Link Fence – Fence Panels

Residential chain link fencesSave money with a low-cost Chain Link Fence that is attractive and strong, from a San Antonio Fence Company. It is a great option when you want a safe area for your dogs or children. These Chain Link Fences can also be used in commercial applications with barbed wire, as well as razor wire at the top for high security purposes. Add even more appeal to your Chain Link Fencing with vinyl coating, which is available in green, brown, and black.

The Pros & Cons of Chain Link Fencing

As we have mentioned inn previous posts it is integral that you understand the proponents and detractors of each type of fencing option. Weighing up these elements will enable you to make the right choice for you, your home, your family, and your pocket.

One of the most identifiable styles of fencing in the United States is chain-link fencing. You would have seen it built in sports fields, industrial estates, playgrounds and many other commercial areas.

Its popularity is down to its affordability, staying power and appealing appearance. So what are most fundamental pros and cons of installing chain link fences to your property?


It’s Very Affordable:

If you are on the hunt for a fencing option that is the friendliest to your bank account, then chain link is the option for you. It can be easily installed by the buyer but we do recommend that a professional installer from Aaron Fences & Gutters do the job for you.

It’s Low Maintenance:

You don’t want your valuable time consumed by big maintenance jobs. When you choose chain linking you can say “so long” to these issues. It is galvanized, which really means that the metal material has undergone a chemical process that ensures it does not rust; this results in an extended shelf-life.

It’s Safe:

You install a fence for its safety functions and a fence is useless if it doesn’t protect something or someone. Chain link fencing is anything but useless! They can contain kids and animals in yards and playgrounds.

Lack of Privacy:

Where there is a pro there is always a con and one of the major detractors of installing chain link fence is lack of privacy. Because of the spaces between the chain links they don’t provide much privacy from the prying eyes of strangers.


Due to the lack of variations in color, style and design design due to the lack of variations in color, style and design, chain link is often viewed as a pedestrian. You can improve visuals by using a vinyl coating.

Lack of Residential Security:

Privacy and security are paramount. Although this style can be built high with barbed wire added to the top, they are typically applicable in industrial settings only. So, when it comes to house-owners, chain link fencing is not a great option.

Custom Wood Fences – Wood Fence Panels

Residential Wood FencePerfect for backyards and enclosures, our custom wood fences come in many varieties. Choose between 4-foot picket fences or 8-foot privacy fences. Wood fencing can be customized with scalloping details or lattice at the top of it. All of our custom wood fences are made with pressure-treated wood, and you can paint them any color you would like.

5 Benefits of Installing Wooden Fences

When deciding what type of fence you want for your property, there are a myriad of things to consider. Everyone wants something that will have lasting power. They want something that will add much envied curb appeal and also will match with their particular budget. If this sounds like what you are looking for, then wooden fencing could be your best option.

Visual Appeal

An obvious benefit that a wooden fence has is its traditional and timeless look; everyone wants a chic wooden fence in their front yard. This style of fencing has long been the choice of homeowners that want an elegant boundary between them and their neighbors. To add visual appeal to the exterior of your property some common choice are: picket, board, split rail, privacy and post.


You can easily transform the aesthetics of these fences by staining or painting. Totally customizable to match and/or reflect the exterior feel of your home.

Easy Maintenance

Taking care of a wooden fence is relatively simple and they can be fixed if anything should fall foul of damaged. Although these fences will need treating overtime, it won’t punch a huge hole in your credit card. When compared to vinyl fences or other fencing options, maintenance is not nearly as time consuming.


Wooden fencing options are extremely “green” and eco-friendly i.e. when the fencing is needs to be replaced, it is readily disposable. The same cannot be said for other types of fencing.
Timeless value

Wood fences are like fine wines i.e. they tend to get better with age. Vinyl or metal fencing do not bestow the same benefits. Vinyl and steel need a great deal more maintenance to keep them functioning wel l.

Ornamental Iron Fencing

Residential-Ornamental Iron FenceOrnamental iron fences as well as ornamental aluminum can add beauty to your property. Aluminum is cost effective in that it is durable and easy to install. Aluminum fencing will not rust and is maintenance free. Hundreds of styles are available.

Another ornate option is wrought iron. This strongest option in fencing has long been preferred for its elegance. Being welded on site gives the customer countless style options in this material, but it can cost four to five times more than aluminum or steel. Wrought iron also can rust, so it requires periodic maintenance of sanding and painting.

Ornamental fencing is used more for decorative purposes and is excellent for entries and gates. Because the pickets are wider than other types of fencing, these fences are not usually recommended for yard boundaries for pets.

Vinyl Fencing

Residential - Vinyl FencePrivacy Fencing
Privacy options come in traditional wood as well as more modern alternatives such as vinyl and composite fencing.

A custom wood fence can come in many varieties of height for privacy and protection. Wood fencing can be customized with scalloping details or lattice at the top. All of our custom wood fences are made with pressure-treated wood and can be painted any color.

Wood fences can be built using the alternating board style or flat board. The alternative board style has gaps allowing for air flow that makes its less susceptible to wind damage but is only considered semi-private because it’s possible to look through at an angle. The vertical boards of a flat board fence butt up against each other creating full privacy.

Wood, however, requires maintenance which makes vinyl siding fences increasingly popular. Vinyl fencing is made from formed PVC. This material is five times stronger than wood and is more flexible, enabling it to stand up to stronger winds. It is naturally white and does not require painting. UV light doesn’t penetrate it, and it does not rot. Aside from washing off dirt (and a quick pressure wash will do), this fencing is a zero maintenance option.

Another option in privacy fencing is composite fences. Composite fencing looks and feels like a real wood fence but is generally made from recycled materials such as plastic and wood fibers.

Composite boards started off being used in decks, but this durable material is great for fencing as well. Fences made from composite materials are strong and mostly unaffected by moisture. Like vinyl, composite fencing is low maintenance, only needing the occasional hose-down or pressure wash for more stubborn dirt. Preferable to vinyl, composite fencing provides a non-reflective surface and can have even longer warranties. You can also have privacy vinyl fencing simulated to look like stone.

Vinyl and PVC are among the most durable, versatile, and trouble-free materials used in fencing today. Vinyl fencing provides an attractive, clean, and modern look to homes and businesses alike and is durable enough to last a lifetime.

Composite Fence

Residential - Composite FenceA vinyl fence is almost completely maintenance free. It comes in white with various post and rail, such as pasture fencing. You can also have privacy vinyl fencing or picket fencing. Vinyl offers decorative options across the fence, as well as privacy features to separate your space from your neighbors.


Residential Gates-Iron gates-wrought iron fence gatesFusion welded steel fence panels for Gates provide the ultimate in strength and security demanded for potentially hazardous environments. The metal fence panels also give the distinctive look of a wrought iron fence Gates but with none of the maintenance demanded by wrought-iron. Our Gates provide for a high degree of Security for your Home or Business.

Iron Works & Railings

Residential - Iron railingsAaron Fence and Gutters offers a wide range of options for railings and handrails for your specific project. We have worked with customers to combine various materials and styles to create a custom look that transcends the everyday. A complete understanding of the railings function in your project is essential to offering you a product that will fit your needs.

Hight Security

High security fence-high security chain link fencingFusion welded steel fence panels provide the ultimate in strength and security demanded for potentially hazardous environments. The metal fence panels also provide the distinctive look of a wrought iron fence but with none of the maintenance demanded by wrought-iron.

Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencesWe supply temporary fence at competitive prices with excellent service. Our temporary fencing systems are incredibly sturdy, yet portable and ideal for any of the following situations:Commercial Construction Sites; Pool construction; Special events; Concerts / Parades; Other uses.


GuardrailsRemovable Guard Rail Systems protect workers, equipment and structures from accidents caused by vehicles and machinery, while allowing quick accessibility when needed. Safety Guard Rails prevent damage and minimize costs related to employee injury, company downtime and equipment damage.

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